An Emphatic Victory… LTTE now an extinct species…!!!

Sri Lankan triple forces have successfully eliminated the LTTE terrorists and gained full control of the Sri Lankan land…!!! LTTE has been wiped out after 33 years of its foundation and after 26 years of fighting against UNP & SLFP governments…. LTTE has destructed Sri Lanka and its people regardless of party and policy and vanquished great leaders of our small island republic….800px-Flag_of_Sri_Lanka_svg

We make this an opportunity pay our tribute to the soldiers and their unblemishing will power which overwhelmed the terrorists and the leadership offered to the forces by the three commanders of Army, Navy and Air Force….

Despite being UNPers and a UNP blog we must not forget to thank President Mahinda Rajapakse, Gotabhaya Rajapakse and the rest of the govt who played a critical role to exterminate this cancer from mother Sri Lanka…. We remind that LTTE has been the common enemy of Sri Lankans regardless of race, religion or party affiliations as well…

The deaths of Charles Antoney, Nadesan, Ramesh and Pulidevan have been confirmed and the bodies of Prabhakaran, Soosai & Pottu Amman has also been found… now the only LTTE leader at large is KP…. it’s imperative that he is also captured….!!!

We look forward to seeing a bright and prosperous Sri Lanka in the not so distant future… 🙂

Long live Sri Lanka….!!!

H. Niles Perera, May 2009

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